James DiRenzo by Dena T Bray

James DiRenzo is the founder of Upper Valley Mediation.  His goal is to help clients craft thoughtful and durable resolutions to marital, relationship and family conflicts.  He provides confidential and proven advice that enables families and individuals to develop settlements that are tailored to address shared and individual priorities during difficult transitions.

Jim has completed the training and internship requirements necessary to become a Certified Family Mediator in New Hampshire.  His application for certification was approved on December 8, 2016 by the New Hampshire Family Mediator Certification Board.

Prior to becoming a mediator, Jim spent over 20 years as a medical research scientist focused upon critical aspects of breast cancer.

Outside of his profession, Jim is dedicated father, an enthusiastic (but not very fast) runner and an advocate for wellness, social justice and sustainability.  He has been a resident of the Upper Valley for 16 years and of New Hampshire for 21.