The role of the mediator is to:

  • Develop a complete understanding of each party's interests in a settlement.

  • Facilitate a discussion between the parties to address
    • Development of a co-parenting plan.
    • Development of a plan to divide assets, debts, and property.
  • Produce a written agreement that can be submitted either directly to the court or via legal counsel.
  • When appropriate work directly with legal counsel to facilitate agreement.

Co-parenting plan:

  • Shared parental rights  and responsibilities (schedules, special arrangements etc).

  • Calculation of child support paid from one part to the second (where applicable).
  • Holidays, vacations, school breaks, etc.

Plan for Division of Assets, Debts and Property

  • Calculation of the net value of assets and debts in the marital estate (where applicable).
  • Facilitate negotiation of the division of assets and debts.
  • Work to balance the division of assets and debts as equitably as possible.

Produce all Settlement documents

  • Draft complete or partial settlements that can be registered with the court either directly or via legal counsel.